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View post Amazing panoramic of her naked interiors!

Amazing panoramic of her naked interiors!

A great panoramic picture taken of the interiors shot the day we did the laser scan. Courtesy of Michael Knowles.

View post Stripping of the Britannia interiors

Stripping of the Britannia interiors

The Interiors of Britannia being stripped and crane lifted out. (See more photos on our facebook page) Since the weight of the boat was calculated when she was […]

View post Removing Britannia’s skylights

Removing Britannia’s skylights

We’re back tracking a bit to show you some of the work that’s been done on Britannia in the last stretch. A huge thank you to all those that have been putting in the hours to put her in a […]

View post Britannia – bare and beautiful!

Britannia – bare and beautiful!

Since the boat’s arrived, we have removed approximately 22 tons of weight out of the boat. All the engineering has come out, the tanks, the interiors, and all the skylights have been removed. We […]

View post Boarded access now complete!

Boarded access now complete!

Boarded access and stairs have now been added to the interior of the scaffolding making work on Britannia much easier and safer! Thanks to 1st Choice Scaffolding for a job well done! (Photo by: Andy Iannetta) See […]

View post Britannia is now fully tented

Britannia is now fully tented

The scaffolding is finally nearing completion and Britannia is almost completely tented now. It’s a shame that no one can see her beautiful shape as she sits perched on the quay, but the tenting […]

View post Scaffolding being fitted round Britannia

Scaffolding being fitted round Britannia

1st Choice Scaffolding has started placing the scaffolding round Britannia’s hull. This structure will enable the work to commence, giving access to the boat […]

View post Britannia Is In Her Cradle!

Britannia Is In Her Cradle!

Britannia was finally lifted today and set in her cradle at Venture Quays! The whole operation was smooth and without a hitch. We’re so thankful to everyone at SouthBoats, Blade Runner, Harry Pound, […]

View post Britannia on BBC Radio Solent

Britannia on BBC Radio Solent

BBC Radio Solent has covered the Britannia project in a first interview with Tristan Stone (Wood Supplier and Consultant on the project.) Click the link below to listen to the audio: BBC Radio Solent […]

View post New Britannia lifting date!

New Britannia lifting date!

Britannia will be lifted on Tuesday the 13th around midday. Stayed tuned for photos and news. (Photo courtesy of Hamo Thornycroft -

View post Britannia’s first lifting attempt

Britannia’s first lifting attempt

In-spite of everything working like clockwork at Venture Quays, the lifting had to stop half-way through the process due to the fact that Britannia weighed 13 tons […]

View post The day has arrived for Britannia’s lifting!

The day has arrived for Britannia’s lifting!

Good morning all! It’s 8:00 am here in East Cowes and everyone is electric with excitement. Blade Runner has done a lot of precise planning to make sure that […]

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