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‘A Dream of Britannia’ screening

In the K1 Britannia shop in Cowes on the 8th of February 2014 we gave an invitation only screening of ‘The Dream of Britannia’; the film made by Ann Coates about her brother Sigurd’s passion for the Royal Yacht Britannia, leading him to build a replica of the yacht he loved so well.

The documentary film is about the single minded vision of this Norwegian businessman Sigurd Coates to build a replica of the yacht Britannia. Filmed in Norway and Russia, with English subtitles, the film is a rollercoaster ride through the trials and tribulations Sigurd encountered in pursuing his dream and of his eventual decision to pass on the baton to us at K1 Britannia.

Sigurd began his journey in 1994 with HRH Elizabeth II’s blessing and purchased a shipyard in Archangel in Russia to build the yacht. In 2009 he managed to sail her out of Russia and down to Norway and in 2011 he sold her to us. The story in between is a fantastic tale of tenacity and skulduggery – a riveting documentary.

There was a full house at the K1 Britannia shop for the screening and many stayed afterwards to discuss the film and to join us for a glass of wine (or two) and nibbles. It was an informal affair and gave us the opportunity to chat with our supporters and to answer any queries they might have about the film and the K1 Britannia project.

Despite the rather sad ending to Sigurd’s story, the general feeling from those who watched the film was that Britannia now has renewed hope and that Sigurd’s dream will not be lost. People were especially pleased to hear that Sigurd will have access to the boat when she is completed, as he has invested so much of his time, money and hope in the project. After all, K1 Britannia would not exist without him.

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