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K1 Britannia Achieves Charitable Status

K1 Britannia are pleased to announce they have achieved charitable status in both the US and the UK, which will help considerably with fundraising for this prestigious project.

We are really delighted to announce this news as it will make all the difference to our fundraising, especially as the plan has always been to gift her to charitable purposes when she is completed.

Work paused on K1 Britannia throughout 2014 while the team awaited charity approval from the UK Charity Commission. The project received charitable status in the US under the name “K1 Britannia America” and after a year of consideration from the UK Charity Commission, “The K1 Britannia Trust” was granted charitable status on the 29th of January 2015, charity number 1160218.

These two charitable entities have been set up for the purpose of raising money for the build, and the continued upkeep of the Britannia and restoration and development of other yachts connected to her history.


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