The Personal Development Programme

K1 Britannia / Programmes

The Personal development Programme is designed to help those who have become disengaged from society and who have the desire to regain their dignity and self-esteem. We offer to fund a learning programme based on sail training, skills training and preparation for employment. These people are our Crew Members.

We are delivering the Personal Development Programme in conjunction with the International Boatbuilding Training College in Portsmouth who provide a one-year skills course in restoring classic boats. Students will develop the skills required, to build or restore traditional boats. They will learn these skills by working on a wide range of boats, different constructions and sizes, new build and restoration. At the same time they’ll be developing their ability to problem solve in a whole range of boat restoration and build issues.

Woven into the programme is the opportunity to learn to sail in order to develop character and teamwork.

The final stage of the programme is based on developing the life-skills to find long-term sustainable employment.

Our aim is to expand the Personal Development Programme to 10 Crew Members per year.