Sister Charities

K1 Britannia

To complete the picture, we have sister charities in St Maarten and in the USA.

The K1 Britannia Foundation in St Maarten have several energetic programmes focused on children and youth in Foster Care, as well as giving young offenders a second chance.
Beginning in 2018 the K1 Britannia Foundation and the K1 Britannia Trust will collaborate to give youth from St Maarten who come from needy or troubled backgrounds the chance to go through the Personal Development Programme in the UK so that they can become apprenticed in the maritime industry.

It is worth mentioning that the Foundation has been selected for the final round of the “Appeltjes van Oranje” 2017, an annual event organised by the Oranje Fonds and the Royal Family of Holland to give recognition and support to the most effective charities working in specific fields within the Dutch Kingdom.

In the meantime, K1 Britannia America has recently been awarded its charity status and we are in process of developing similar strategies for the US environment.